What happens after I send in my Family Health Plus application?

  • A Healthfirst representative will contact you. They will tell you if you and/or your family can apply for Family Health Plus. Then Healthfirst will send your application to your local Department of Social Services.
  • The local Department of Social Services will review your application. Then they will let you know which health insurance program is right for you.
  • You will get a letter from Healthfirst to confirm your health insurance plan. We will also send you a welcome letter. It will include the date you can start using your health plan, and a member ID card.
    • If you need health care before your ID card arrives, you can use the Healthfirst welcome letter to show your doctor that you have health insurance.
  • You will also get a handbook from your health plan. The handbook will tell you what services are covered by your plan and how you can get health care.