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Spectrum of Health

The Spectrum of Health program aims to improve health outcomes and member satisfaction by promoting member access to preventive health services. Members within our targeted HEDIS measures are outreached through automated messages, letters, and personal phone calls. They are alerted to required preventive care services and educated on how to maintain their overall health and wellness. PCPs are notified of a member’s health needs through customized letters which explain who the member is and what specific services are missing. In some cases, the member may be enrolled in Healthfirst’s “concierge” program, where the member and his/her PCP are contacted via letter to let both parties know that the Healthfirst member may not be receiving the care needed, then we call the members to make sure they received the letter and offer to help them schedule an appointment.

Spectrum of Health ensures that appropriate care is being provided on a timely basis while enhancing the collaboration between each member’s healthcare team, including PCPs, hospitals, specialists, home care, etc.


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