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Childhood Obesity Rates Drop Slightly: CDC - Aug 06, 2013

U.S. government report finds good news in a critical fight

Postpartum Depression Risk May Rise for New Moms in Big Cities - Aug 06, 2013

Lack of social support can contribute to condition, study authors say

Former President George W. Bush Gets Heart Stent - Aug 06, 2013

Procedure successful after artery blockage found during his annual physical

Mother's Personality Influences Breast-Feeding Decision, Study Finds - Aug 06, 2013

Introverted, anxious moms may need extra support, researcher says

Self-Monitoring Blood Pressure Appears to Improve Results, Study Finds - Aug 06, 2013

Patients engaged in their health care do better, expert says

Walking to Work Tied to Lower Diabetes Risk - Aug 06, 2013

Car commuters have higher blood pressure, more obesity, U.K. study also found

First Vaccine Against 4 Flu Strains Ready to Ship - Aug 05, 2013

FDA has approved distribution of new seasonal influenza shot, Fluarix Quadrivalent

Lymphoma Risk Varies for Celiac Disease Patients - Aug 05, 2013

Blood cancer more common for those with continuing intestinal damage, study found

Casino Smoking Ban Tied to Drop in Ambulance Calls - Aug 05, 2013

Colorado county law likely reduced illness from secondhand smoke, study suggests