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High-Fat Diets May Spur Overeating, Mouse Study Suggests - Aug 15, 2013

Chips are stacked against would-be healthy eaters, expert says

Groups Get $67M to Guide Uninsured Through Health Care Marketplace - Aug 15, 2013

'Navigators' will help consumers better understand new coverage options under Affordable Care Act, HHS says

Scientists ID Genes Behind Chronic Mountain Sickness - Aug 15, 2013

Condition can lead to heart attack, stroke and lung problems

One Exercise Session Won't Bring a Good Night's Sleep - Aug 15, 2013

Study found there is no quick fix for insomnia when it comes to working out

Certain Antibiotics Tied to Blood Sugar Swings in Diabetics - Aug 15, 2013

Drugs such as Cipro, Avelox were most implicated, but experts say other factors may be at play

Breast-Feeding May Protect Some Women Against Breast Cancer - Aug 15, 2013

Study found tumors were discovered later in life in nonsmoking patients who breast-fed longer than six months

Study Challenges Theory About Left Brain/Right Brain Behavior - Aug 15, 2013

MRI scans don't indicate that one hemisphere dominates or affects personality

Indoor Incense Triggers Lung Cell Inflammation, Study Shows - Aug 06, 2013

Researchers say this practice can cause response similar to secondhand cigarette smoke

Earlier Acne Outbreaks May Be Caused by Earlier Puberty: Experts - Aug 06, 2013

New guidelines released to help doctors treat younger patients age-appropriately