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High-Tech Prostate Scan May Boost Cancer Detection - Aug 16, 2013

Combo of ultrasound and MRI zeroes in on tumors, helping some men avoid biopsy, experts say

Kindergartners' Soda Intake Linked to Aggression in Study - Aug 16, 2013

Nearly half of urban 5-year-olds consume soft drinks every day, their mothers say

Kids With Autism Outperformed Others on Math Test, Study Found - Aug 16, 2013

Parents might be reassured by focusing on children's strengths, researcher says

Mediterranean Diet May Help Thwart Type 2 Diabetes, Study Finds - Aug 16, 2013

Low-carb diets also were associated with reduced risk

Quit-Smoking Programs Work for Psychiatric Patients - Aug 15, 2013

Study found improved chances of quitting, lower rehospitalization rates

Obesity's Death Toll May Be Much Higher Than Thought - Aug 15, 2013

Study shows 18 percent rate of related deaths in U.S. adults aged 40 and up, compared to earlier estimates of 5 percent

Healthy Eating Might Ward Off Pancreatic Cancer: Study - Aug 15, 2013

Researchers found a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and whole grains cut risk by 15 percent

Baby Boomers Need Hepatitis C Test, CDC Study Confirms - Aug 15, 2013

Routine testing urged to prevent liver damage

Eye Study Results May Offer New Therapy for Some Vision Loss - Aug 15, 2013

Findings shed light on how people with macular degeneration might learn to adapt more quickly

Partner's Chronic Pain Can Interfere With Your Sleep - Aug 15, 2013

Study looked at couples in which one member had knee osteoarthritis