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Child Health Plus - Eligibility and Cost

How much does Child Health Plus cost per month?

There are no income limits for Child Health Plus. Instead, your child’s premium (monthly payment for health insurance) is determined by your monthly income. The chart below will show you how much you can expect to pay for Child Health Plus coverage each month. To read the chart:

  • Add up the number of people in your household. This includes you, your legal spouse, your dependent children, and anyone else under 65 years old for whom you are the legal caregiver.
  • Read down that column until the number is higher than your monthly income. Then follow the row to the far left column to see your child’s premium (monthly payment amount). Note that this cost is per child, per month.

If you need help with this, please click here.

2013 Child Health Plus Premium Costs: Maximum Monthly Income

(Effective for Applications Received On or After 4/1/13)

Premium Categories







Each Add'l Person

Free Insurance








(Max: $27/Family)








(Max: $45/Family)








(Max: $90/Family)








(Max: $135/Family)








(Max: $180/Family)








Full Premium /Child/Month














*The full premium is subject to change, depending on the health plan chosen by the family

How do I figure out my monthly income?

If you’d like to speak to someone about this, please click here.

Your monthly income is how much money you make before taxes (gross income) in one month. This income can come from a job or unemployment benefits.

To figure out your monthly income, you can do one of the following:

  • Add up how much money you make (before taxes) during one calendar month from your paycheck stubs or unemployment checks; or
  • If you are paid weekly, multiply the amount of money you make per week (before taxes) by 4.333333 to determine your monthly income.
  • If you are paid bi-weekly (every other week), multiply the amount of money you make per paycheck (before taxes) by 2.166666 to determine your monthly income.

Example (paid weekly): Marilyn is a single mother of 2 girls (8 and 12 years old), so there is a total of 3 people in her household. Marilyn makes $835 per week (before taxes) at her job. Marilyn multiplies $835 by 4.333 to figure out that her monthly income is $3,618.

Using the chart above, Marilyn sees that her daughters can get health insurance from Child Health Plus for $15 per child per month, or a total of $30 per month to cover both of her daughters.

I still have questions. I’m not sure if my child can get Child Health Plus.
We’re here to help! If your child does not qualify for Child Health Plus, he or she may be able to get Medicaid Managed Care or another Healthfirst health insurance plan. Contact a Healthfirst representative to ask questions and pick the best health plan for you.

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